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Government Engineering College, Gandhiangar


# Title Publication Date Author Conference/Journal Details
1 Effect Of Various Fluxon Different Metals And Alloys In A-tig Proces: A Reviews 2021 Rudrang Chauhan, Jemish Bhayani, Meet Borad,bhavesh Rana, Daulat Kumar Sharma International Conference On Recent Progress In Material Science And Mechanical Engineering (icrpmsme 2021) Abstract Welding which is coalescence of two metals/alloys for creating a seam less joint is an quintessential fabrication process utilised in almost every manufacturing sector. There is a range of welding processes that are used according to their features and the requirement of the fabricator. The GTAW or TIG welding process is extensively used welding process due to its inherent characteristics like high weld quality, surface cleanliness, autogenous welding mode, etc. Unfortunately, the GTAW
2 Development Of Ceramic Based Material By Utilization Of Ferrous Slag 2018 B.r.rana,d.n.parmar.k.h.shah,h.d.baranda International Conference On Recent Advances In Metallurgy For Sustainable Development (ic-ramsd 2018) Abstract: The utilization of any industrial waste is the challenge for the Metallurgist and Material scientist. In the present study the attempt was made to utilise the blast furnace slag to manufacture glass. Around 80% of the solid wastes generated in Iron and Steel plants, is ferrous slag. The economical and environment-friendly utilization of the same is still not found. This is an attempt to employ it for the development of pre-existing material. The process consists of re-melting ferrous s


# Title Date From Date To Duration Organizer
1 Inculcating Universal Human Value In Technical Education 22-03-2021 26-03-2021 1 Week AICTE,NEW,DELHI
2 "comprehensive Online Intellectual Property Rights (ipr)" 06-07-2020 14-09-2020 10 Week Gujarat Student Startup and Innovation Hub ( i - Hub )
3 Processing And Characterization Of Materials 04-11-2019 08-11-2019 1week GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, SECTOR 28,GANDHINAGAR
4 Induction Phase 2 (ip-04 Programme 24-04-2017 05-05-2017 2 Week NITTR,AHMEDABAD
5 Induction Phase 1 (ip-28 Programme 23-01-2017 03-02-2017 2 Week NITTR,AHMEDABAD
6 Advance Pedagogy 16-01-2017 20-01-2017 1 Week GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, SECTOR 28,GANDHINAGAR
7 Recent Trends In Engineering And Technology And Its Impact On Academic Reforms 19-12-2016 23-12-2016 1 Week GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, SECTOR 28,GANDHINAGAR
8 Advances In Materials And Metallurgy 27-06-2016 01-07-2016 1 Week GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, SECTOR 28,GANDHINAGAR
9 Refresher Course In Control Computer And Communication 13-06-2016 24-06-2016 2 Week GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, SECTOR 28,GANDHINAGAR
10 Accreditation And Academic Audit 06-06-2016 10-06-2016 1 Week GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, SECTOR 28,GANDHINAGAR
11 E Content Development 01-01-2016 05-01-2016 1 Week GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, SECTOR 28,GANDHINAGAR